Vehicle solutions

Using geospatial data in vehicle solutions generates efficiency, cost savings and other significant benefits for companies, the public sector and logistics operators.

Routes and schedules in a clear map view

Record trips for different types of work

Pull data as reports

Collect data with a mobile app or GPS

With the Geometrix vehicle solutions, you can track vehicle routes and actions however you choose

Our solution serves both large organizations and individual contractors. Our solution suits all kinds of applications no matter what your field is, whether it is maintenance, logistics, driver’s logbooks or service runs. 

In addition to saved routes, the vehicle solution can be configured with various driving types and cost centers where the trips are allocated. It is also possible to attach photos to the route. Entries and notes from the driver are connected to their location so they can be viewed in the map view.

Supervisor view

The user interface for supervisors presents a clear situational picture of the routes. Supervisors can monitor trips and check that the work is done as agreed. The clear map view illustrates the routes, work types, site visits, material consumption and vehicle locations. 

Driver view

Vehicle tracking is easy to start. You can do it either with our mobile app on your smart phone or with your GPS device in the vehicle. Trips can be recorded easily for different types of driving types.

Customer view for project management 

The project management view gives an overall situational picture of the routes of several contractors. As the contractors change, the history is archived, and the customer can view the data and make reports in their user interface. By combining working condition information and quality management, you can generate a global solution to help manage the project.

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