Infrastructure and contractors

Geospatial data puts infrastructure assets and site contracts on the map.

Geospatial data can optimize use of resources such as workforce, materials and fleets. This saves time and makes the operation more cost-efficient.

For mobile work

Geometrix map-based job-flow control has been developed for the needs of mobile work. Applications include asset maintenance types such as servicing, repairs, faults and other supervised field work.

The Geometrix tools form a seamless package that helps supervisors and field workers see the big picture and find the work sites in the right order.

Geospatial data generates several benefits for business operations and boosting operation

Optimize the use of resources and make sure they are used efficiently

Geospatial data puts workers, teams and fleets on the map

Real-time data enables fast reactions to changing circumstances or problems on site

The most common solutions for the infrastructure field and contractors