Digitalization and integrations

If you want to upgrade your data management, we offer you our wide-ranging expertise. 

We provide roadmaps for transferring operations on paper and manual work to the mobile and digital era

We use versatile, modern geospatial data tools in our work

Digitalization projects pay back fast by making work more efficient and tools more appropriate

We will electrify your business

We have expertise in modern technologies and can operate with various types of materials. We will map out your starting point, create an action plan and upgrade your old system or material base.

Digitalization services

We will help you modernize your old materials and plan your processes so that you can fully benefit from map-assisted data management.

Corpus work and conversions

We can process and convert various geospatial data material so that you can use the materials and, for instance, import them to easy-to-use apps in cloud services. 

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