Mobile solutions

Our mobile solution has the data you need when and where you need it.

Always have the data you need in your pocket

Your data always available and up to date

Geospatial data puts work sites on the map

Real-time data flow between workers

Mobile matters

Mobile data management always plays a key role in Geometrix software solutions. Field operation is crucial in almost all asset management, maintenance and data collection. That is why we have devoted extra attention to the management of mobile technologies. Geometrix mobile solutions are important tools for the user and help complete daily tasks.  

Below, you will see some of our implementation projects where the mobile tool has become an essential part of fieldwork.

Examples of our implementations

STARA arborists

The City of Helsinki uses Geometrix solutions in the data management of their city and park trees both on site and at the office. Read more about the daily field work of an arborist and the perks of mobile data management.

STARA vehicle transfers

Parking place and geospatial data: How mobile data collection and location data can be used in vehicle transfers.

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