Our custom solutions

Geometrix provides you with custom geospatial data solutions for fieldwork and the office. 

You will benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge as providers of complex geospatial data.

We complete small and large software projects

We always take a customer-oriented approach to projects

Our approach is solutions-focused and creative

We are your expert partner in geospatial data

Geometrix – Your partner for expert solutions

Our solutions leverage the expertise we have developed over the years as an open-source solutions provider. We have developed solutions for a wide range of application environments, e.g. financial sector, forest industry, parking control, urban infrastructure, inspections and surveillance, real-time monitoring of logistics. 

Our SaaS service platform enables even very quick implementations of pilot solutions. If necessary, we can create data forms and work sites on demand or connect with existing registers through an interface and import the material to the map view in the web and mobile apps. 

With an agile and fast turnaround project, you get an application tailored to your needs.

Examples of our competence areas

Mobile solutions for field work

For logistics, data collection or inventory monitoring, for instance, we have solution models from mobile development projects from over ten years. We implement solutions for Android and iOS platforms.

Creative geospatial data projects

With minimal effort on your part, we swiftly tailor solutions to your needs, crafting web and mobile apps with powerful geospatial data capabilities that perfectly align with your requirements.

Bentley Microstation

Geometrix has several years of experience with Microstation application development and consulting. We can help you modernize old source code and projects and provide services to maintain and develop Microstation applications. 

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