Work time tracking

Electronic work time tracking enables storing precise work time data. It also provides data on how much time various tasks and projects take.

A modern punch clock for work time tracking 

With our mobile application, you can track your work hours from anywhere.

Clear user interface, balance tracking, alarms

Individual work time profiles for different worker groups 

Track work time with the practical mobile app

The electronic work time app is an efficient tool for work time tracking. With the mobile app, you can enter your work time in real time on the site, which reduces the number of entries and increases accuracy.

Worker view

A clear clock in / clock out function makes the app easy to use. 

Supervisor view

With the web app, supervisors see work time entries, print the necessary reports and export the time data to an HR system or payroll. Geospatial data provides information on sites and places where someone has been working. 

A wide range of search functions allow you to view recorded hours by person or team, by type of work or even by site. 

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